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Our games
Puzzle Match3 is our first puzzle game, that combines widespread match3 mechanics with easy-going and colourful interface to bring joy and relaxation to the player.
Already available
Android & iOS
Target Audience
US, Western Europe, China and Japan, Ages 25-45
Google Play
Apple Store
Business model
Our business model is free to play (or F2P).

According to this business model users can install, play and enjoy our games free of charge. Full user experience, functionality and the game levels are available for all everyone.
Instead, we are working hard to make our game unique and fascinating to bring in revenue from advertisements and in-game purchases, such as payment for upgrades, special abilities, special items and expansion packs.
User acquisition
Our games are targeted on mobile phone users in developed countries, such US, Western Europe, China and Japan. Therefore we focus on the following platforms in our marketing activity:
About us
Imponilox Limited is a mobile development company creating games and apps for App Store and Google Play. We are focused on creating high quality mobile games to bring joy to million users around the world.
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